24 Hour Cotton Runway Show

Miami Beach, FL-   The 3rd annual 24 Hour Cotton Runway Fashion Show set the Guinness world record for the longest Fashion Show.  The show took place on Miami Beach Ocean Drive and featured men and women showcasing more than 1,440 looks of fashion.  The show was  hosted by Giuliana Rancic and Bill Rancic.  The show featured more than 60 different models with clothing from more than 75 clothing brands.  The show featured one “look” or outfit every minute on the minute for 24 hours straight.

Enjoy some looks from the show and behind the scenes footage.

LOOKBOOK_7-56-PM-6 LOOKBOOK_10-56-PM-23LOOKBOOK_8-03-PM-2 LOOKBOOK_8-06-PM-8 LOOKBOOK_8-08-PM-8 LOOKBOOK_8-09-PM-3 LOOKBOOK_8-12-PM-9 LOOKBOOK_8-13-PM LOOKBOOK_8-15-PM-8 LOOKBOOK_8-17-PM-2 LOOKBOOK_8-23-PM-3 LOOKBOOK_8-26-PM-7 LOOKBOOK_8-27-PM-8 LOOKBOOK_8-34-PM-16 LOOKBOOK_8-38-PM-2 LOOKBOOK_8-39-PM-7 LOOKBOOK_9-34-PM-2  LOOKBOOK_11-07-PM-9 LOOKBOOK_11-18-PM-4 LOOKBOOK_11-34-PM-7 LOOKBOOK1-23-AM LOOKBOOK1-28-AM-12 LOOKBOOK1-55-AM-3 LOOKBOOK12-43-AM-14unnamed1 unnamed2 unnamed3


The show also featured performances from Jason DeRulo, Trey Smith, and DJ Irie.

Enjoy a few pictures from the models featured in the show.

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