Fashletic 101

What is Fashletic?

Its about being a trendsetter.  Be a game changer, or at least try.  Definitely respect the game and those who came before you but how can I take what’s been done before and try to innovate and improve.  Although Fashletic is in a developmental stage, I will tell you what inspired its inception.  I have been doing photo shoots for almost 4 years now and I was unclear about my style in front of the camera.  I had anxiety about what I was and what I was not as an artist.  After so many shoots and several trials and errors, it finally hit me.  Although I can model and connect with the camera, I am not a 165 pound high fashion runway model.  And I am not the traditional fitness model who in my opinion is a glorified trainer who gets a few photoshoots done.  Yes I have an athletic build and am very active in the sports arena, however I am also fluid and artistic to connect with the camera and portray a character.  It is a myth to think that just because I am a bigger build that I am not able to wear/represent certain brands of fashion.  And just because I am not a professional athlete does not mean that I am not able to train hard and sports specific.  I am fashionably athletic.  I am fashion.  I am athletic.  I am FASHLETIC.  Yeah, I like the sound of that…FASHLETIC.

Now what?  What does it look like, taste like, smell like, sound like.  So me and my team put together a mood board and concept and decided to do a video to portray Fashleticism…and this is what we came up with.  I take a lot of satisfaction in embracing and accepting my niche lane in this monster of an industry.  My lane is my lane.  And from now on I will dedicate all of my energy in the modeling world into this realm because it is where I am meant to be and thrive in this industry.  Fashletic is the start of something great and I plan on being the best model in the world of FASHLETIC.

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Video by: @ORINARY www.orinary.com

Styling by: @linagosh @linapalacios

Model: Director of Business Development Aygemang Clay


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  1. Absolutely love it man. Way to fill a niche market that suits your brand to a tee!

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