Slim Your Suit | DIY Feature

The business professional game has changed and evolved.  The traditional business suit is now outdated.  A gentleman the age of 25-35 does not have the same interests of a businessman in his 40’s, 50’s, and 60’s.  The bad news is that your suit may need to be upgraded.  However the good news is that the transformation is not as difficult as you think.  In order to upgrade yourself, try to throw out many of the rules that you learned growing up.   Notice the transformation of the oversized, overstriped, and colorful suit to the slimmer new look that screams bold, powerful, and sophisticated. Stylist: @linapalacios Model: Director of Business Development Aygemang Clay

Before: The Oversized Day Suit


After: Tailored Yet Light

Before: The Oversized Evening Suit

After: Fitted, Sleek and Business Ready

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