Aygemang Clay headshot

Director of Business Development: Aygemang Clay

It’s great to be a Florida Gator!  Fresh out of college I started Top of the Line Tickets and Entertainment, INC, a high cash-flow discount/premium e-commerce start-up inspired by my fathers entrepreneurial passion.

Next I was a corporate trainer with Island Sky corporation (water making machines). I Traveled across Asia, the Middle East, and South America for a global initiative to attract, retain, and educate our clients.I resigned due to “stalled career development” and began pursuing my artistic talents. 

After appearing in numerous nationwide commercials including AT&T, Mercedes Benz, and Bud Light, I made my network debut on a co star role on Burn Notice August 2, 2012.


While traveling on business to Hong Kong I wandered aimlessly down the gauntlet of tailors on Nathan street. Finally after several haggling tailors I stepped inside one of their shops. A few days later I had 2 custom shirts to my exact measurements. From that day, I became fascinated with the custom shirts and suiting business and began pursuing a passion to bring custom shirts/suits to my circle and the mainstream.

More than how the fit of the shirt was, it was how it made me “feel”. It created “instant credibility” and confidence. I felt invincible. Today’s age is all about individuality and uniqueness. Through this passion, a lifestyle brand infused with style and ambition, WWW.TOPOFTHELINE.TV was born.

I enjoy spending time with family, yoga, golf, basketball, CrossFit, traveling, reading, attending major sporting events, music, and pop culture.


Fashion Forecaster/Stylist: Lina Palacios

2011 Graduate of Art Institute of Miami in Fashion Design.  Creative input for the blog/fashion related posts and videos.  Lina is currently a wardrobe stylist for Calyann Barnett,, who’s clients include NBA stars Dwyane Wade and Rajon Rondo.  Lina has also styled photoshoots for Kendall Jenner.  Lina’s true passion though is fashion design where she can create clothing lines, mood boards, and inspirations through her great Photoshop and Illustrator skills.

Marketing: Cory Stout

Proud University of Florida Gator graduate Founded and launched TIKKR watch, Woodies Sunglasses, and Mendoza Hats, which has sold to date more than 10,000 groupons to date.  He has also created relationships with retailers such as AMAZON.COM, JACKTHREADS, and  He is known to have read every piece of literature ever written by Timothy Ferriss and Seth Godin.

Marketing: Kwanza Clay

Kwanza is a wedding planner for and creative director of the Chat n Chill, a Beach Bar, Beach Shop and Destination Wedding Studio on Stocking Island ~ Exuma, Bahamas.  She coordinates and plans weddings, special events, and tours.  In her spare time she contributes to the creative energy of TOPOFTHELINE.TV.  She is happily married to Kenneth Bowe and they have two children, Delano and Kinaya.  Kwanza and Aygemang are brother and sister.