World Cup Fever

ayge-soccer-selects-116 ayge-soccer-selects-146 Photo Apr 03, 10 49 34 PM Photo Apr 03, 10 52 38 PM Photo Apr 03, 10 55 30 PM Photo Apr 03, 10 57 47 PM Photo Apr 03, 11 01 51 PM Photo Apr 03, 11 06 24 PM

We caught a bad case of World Cup fever.  Maybe its the fans from all around the world or maybe the allure of the Brazilian pride and culture but FUTBOL has taken us over so much that we decided to do a photoshoot inspired by it.  Or maybe the fact that for once everyone you see or talk to has something in common.  Whatever it is, it’s truly a great thing and we are appreciating each and every moment of every match.  Viva FUTBOL. world cup. copa del mundo.

Photographer: Lauren Cowart Photography

Model: Aygemang Clay

Wardrbobe: Nike

Location: Central Broward Regional Park Broward County FL

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